Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Cloud Project

Although we are not yet fully integrated into the Olympic spirit, maybe its time we understand and learn what we will see in less than two years here in London. One project, which seems quite futuristic, is the Cloud Project. A group from MIT has tried to find ways to increase tourist attractions in London, especially during the games in 2012.  

The Digital Cloud would float over London, which will be made from towers 120m high, producing a series of interconnected plastic bubbles that would display images and data. This will be placed in the Olympic Park, making it a major attraction not only for the Games but also for London in the long run. The London Olympics will try and achieve its goal of being the greenest Game in its history, which could also be achieved by introducing this Cloud Project. Maybe this project will provoke the sceptics and the conspiracy theorists. All I can say is that maybe Big Brother in the UK will have from now on a fancier look...

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