Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The handwritten newspaper

The Musalman Daily is the only handwritten newspaper in the world. Although we live in a digital era this Indian newspaper, written in Urdu, maintains its school-like look . It was founded by Syed Azmathullah in 1927, making it one of the oldest Urdu language daily newspaper published in Chennai, which is located  in the South Eastern part of India.

The four pages of the newspaper are written by calligraphers and then mass produced with a printing press. It is housed in a small one room office, without any modern facilities, except for the one computer acquired lately to make it easier for advertisers to send their ads to the newspaper via email. 

The calligraphers, who are named katib, are responsible each for one page. If one is sick then the others have to stay on and write that person's page, since there are not many katibs in town. Of course as anyone can imagine if the calligraphers make a mistake then they have to rewrite everything from scratch. 

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