Friday, January 21, 2011

Digital Tomb

One of the weird things that the modern world promotes is the digital way of life mankind has adopted. A digital tomb is another way of promoting and sustaining this idea. The so called E-Tomb was created for all the social network fans who are on twitter and facebook for hours each day.
It has a Bluetooth panel where you can send your messages and a solar panel for constant power. This will give the opportunity to friends and family to send to the tombstone stories and comments concerning the deceased.

Although many will see this positively it will create many problems. Even the current situation, where social networks do not delete the profiles of deceased users, creates problems. Through this new technology digital immortality is promoted and emphasized. For centuries man has tried to achieve immortality but who would have thought that he achieved digital immortality. Many religions will see this not in a positive way, since a fundamental belief is that this life is ephemeral and that the true life is the, so called, afterlife, where we are close to God, to the truth. Many faiths through time have emphasized the importance of the afterlife, as did the Egyptian religion, that is why they built the wonderful and enormous pyramids. Plato sees this world as a "cave" and explains that the true life is outside the "cave", where the light exists, where truth prevails. Even Hollywood has understood this idea as seen in the Trilogy "Matrix". We live in this matrix and the true world is another one, where we all want to go. This digital immortality, I believe, will create moral problems, since the meaning of life will altar from the truth and will be emphasized in a computerised and technological one, which isn't real...

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