Saturday, January 8, 2011

Greece and Turkey criticise eachother

Many know how the two countries have had a troublesome past, which unfortunately continue till this day. Visiting Turkey Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou criticised Turkey for ongoing flights over the Aegean, giving an example of a recent violation of air space over the Aegean, flying over the Greek island Agathonisi. Mr. Papandreou said that nothing will change in the Aegean as long as Turkey violates Greek airspace by flying planes over populated Greek islands. Another matter was the Cyprus issue. George Papandreou stated  that Turkey cannot become a member of the EU as long as the invasion in Cyprus continues. Again the issue of the minorities arose where both PMs criticised each other on this matter.

It is evident that progress between the two countries is evident since both PMs have met on countless occasions and have discussed many issues that have been troubling both nations. But further talks and action should be taken by both countries to try and solve the ongoing problems.


  1. The greatest problem in these inter-state relations is not various specific issues, but trust. Unlike the inter-personal level, you cannot exercise the same kind of trust on inter-state relations, even if the PMs are friendly with each other. And if you don't trust the other there is no way to improve relations.

  2. Then there will be no improvement of relationships since we do not trust and we should not trust the Turks. Period!

  3. @ Merbaka and Panagiotis Televantos,
    Both of you see the relationship between the two from a realist point of view (you can't trust anyone), but if we see it from a liberalist point of view, where one sees his interests then it is in both countries interest to be friendly and continue relations.. although they are troublesome and many, as I do, see many actions taken very critically and unfortunately most of the time I feal that Greece just gives in to easily.. That is why I was happy to see that Papandreou said something about the plains flying over the Aegean, and he said it in is time Greece shows that it does not comply with everything another state asks it and that its interests are respected..But we should keep a liberalist view of politics to go forward.