Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greece relives the decades of immigration of the '50s and '60s

With recession prevailing and unemployment going over the 15% mark more and more Greeks see a future of uncertainty making them decide to leave their country, friends and family. This is seen more after the IMF and the EU intervened in the Greek Economy, making life for the Greeks harder.

Many people have family members living in other countries, making it easier for them to go and live with them abroad, in countries where work opportunities are greater. Countries receiving Greeks now are England, Germany and Australia, which were once the first destinations Greeks went to. 40 years ago at the Piraeus harbour moving moments were a daily phenomenon where many Greeks were preparing for the big journey to Australia and America saying goodbye to loved ones. Today young scientists who cannot find opportunities in Greece are doing exactly the same thing, but this time they leave from the Eleftherios Venizelos airport.
Australia did not have an economic problem as did the EU and USA, that is why many wish to live and work there, although Australia has some restrictions on who can enter the country for work. But yet again Greece seems to be losing its 'clever' people due to the crisis, leaving behind unskilled labour who unfortunately dominate in the public sector...and who have in many ways contributed towards the awful economic situation in Greece, as one can see through many TV shows not only in Greece but abroad too. I will not analyse the conspiracy theories of how foreign banks (especially US and EU banks) have facilitated in achieving the downfall of Greece and the Greek Economy, but it is time the current Government and any future Government achieves to dissolve the ill and failing public sector from getting rid of workers who do not and cannot work...! Lets hope one day we can be proud of Modern Greece, without needing to refer to the ancient and medieval worlds, which Greeks are proud of.. Maybe then the scientist and other specialised people will not leave their homeland but help it achieve greatness in many ways. 

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  1. You are most certainly touching, with this post, upon a very serious and quite painful issue for modern Greece. It is interesting that you compare the case of the great immigration movement out of Greece in the years 1955-1965 with the present situation. Greece had lost then a generation of workers. She is losing now a generation of young, talented and ambitious scientists and professionals. There is definitely great need for an immediate solution to the present financial and social crisis.