Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mediterranean diet is good for the brain

According to a study from the United States who ever eats Mediterranean food has clarity and it also minimizes the chance of suffering from mental depression, especially the elderly. Mediterranean diet, which is rich in vegetables, olive oil, fish and wine, demonstrates how beneficial it is for the brain.  

Scientists observed 3.790 people living in Chicago who were 65 and over since 1993 until today. Every three years they examined them and saw how well they kept the diet. Those who followed the diet had low levels of mental depression.
Another study found, through studying the Mediterranean diet, that it lowered the risk of developing Alzheimer.
Mediterranean diet consists of vegetables, fruit, cereals, fish, low fat milk products and unsaturated fat. Also it discourages the high consumption of saturated olives, milk, meat, chicken and refined sugar ( although I do believe many countries in the Mediterranean have incorporated many of these products in their diet, hence the souvlaki in Greece and pizza in Italy).
A fact that should interest us all is that the Mediterranean diet protects us against heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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