Thursday, January 13, 2011

The most dangerous zebra crossing in Britain

I can't say that I found it dangerous when I drove passed it one Sunday evening, but there were about 100 people standing next to it, which isn't the best thing for drivers, since they do not know if the pedestrians are just standing there or if they are about to cross the road. But Abbey Road in London is considered the most dangerous zebra crossing in Britain since the location has been a shrine to visitors from all over the world, especially due to the known photograph taken in 1969 with the Beatles crossing the road.

Even the Abbey Road studios have installed a web cam which overlooks the zebra crossing..Its funny to see tourists and fans trying to recreate the Beatles photograph, annoying the drivers who by law have to stop to allow for the pedestrians to cross the zebra crossing...Even the Simpsons have recreated the moment in their on way..

You can see Abbey Road through this link During the day I am sure you will see many people attempting to cross the road 

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