Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Russian "Noah's Ark"

Russian architect Alexander Remizov who has designed "The Ark" believes it could be adapted for all kinds of environments and put to a number of different uses. It will be constructed mainly from timber, steel and high strength ETFE plastic.

The biblical name given to this project was specially chosen by the architect due to the fact that it could save mankind if a catastrophe was going to take place. The creators of this project are planning to construct such buildings even in Antarctica and big cities, for example Moscow, where they will be used as ordinary houses. This shows how this project will not only be used to save mankind, but will also be used as houses, hotels and probably as touristic attractions.
The scientists decided to design "The Ark" as a project of the house which could be built in any place on Earth, even in the most uninhabited. This house can even be built on a water platform.
A wind power generator will run through the centre of the building which would provide power while the outer surface would be covered with transparent solar panels.

The dome shape of the building will assist the wind generators to create a good climate.
In case "The Ark" is built in a desert, where the heat will be intolerable, then the building will have special devices that will redirect it to special energy containers for its further use.
Recycling is also an issue. But the designers have found a solution. All the garbage will be divided into several parts. The first part will be used as the fertilizers. The second one will be processed and the last part will be destroyed inside the special stoves at the output of which essential hydrogen and oxygen are produced. It will be even possible to live inside the Noah's Ark without coming outdoors where one can walk in the winter gardens. Also television and Internet will be provided.
Although this project is still on the drawing board, Remizov believes "The Ark" could be used for many purposes from apartments to offices and hotels. This will also have different sizes which will cater for people between 50 and 10.000 people.

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