Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bulgarian academics against Fyrom...

20 Bulgarian academics, including 3 academics from Fyrom, sent a report to UNESCO asking from the international organisation  to stop the television channels in Fyrom broadcasting and abusing the Bulgarian language, the history and the culture of Bulgaria.
This report was sent to the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, stating the truths concerning the Bulgarian language, which the TV in Fyrom proclaims as 'Macedonian'.
"For the past 65 years they spread lies to all the world stating that a distinct 'Macedonian' language, Macedonian history and Macedonian history exists".  Vardarska, an are which is now part of Fyrom, was always a geographical single term used in respect with Bulgarian civilization and Bulgarian History.

The Bulgarian academics support the view that in Fyrom historical monuments, military tombs, churches and many other artifacts are destroyed, especially the ones related to Bulgaria. In their report they state that Fyrom stole their popular music, their celebrations, the Bulgarian kings, heroes, wars and their revolutionaries and they baptized them by giving them the epithet 'Macedonian'. They underlined that in the last census, there was a separate column on the Bulgarian citizens. But hundreds have been arrested and have been terrorized to stop claiming and advertising their Bulgarian descent.
It seems that Fyrom wishes to import into its own culture all the cultures, traditions, history and beliefs of its neighbours. Greece is not the only problem Fyrom has, it seems Bulgaria has 'joined the club'..who knows which other nation will follow.
This issue is to big, where mistakes took place from the breakdown of Yugoslavia, where a fake nation was created by the hegemonic powers of the West to create instability in the Balkan region, hence the massive American base in Fyrom. The saying "divide and conquer" comes to mind here.
It is ironic how many states have recognized Fyrom as Macedonia...it is like accepting that Shakespeare was Italian and Plato was Chinese..If people accept the last two then I will accept that Fyrom is rightly named Macedonia and that Alexander the Great was not Greek but a Slav, especially since the Slavs came to the region during the 6th century AD. History is not the strong point of the countries that have recognized Fyrom as Macedonia.


  1. Could you please post the source?

  2. Unfortunately I do not have the source. However I do remember that my source was from Greece.