Monday, February 7, 2011

Closing the radiator will help with your diet

Scientists from City University of London found that having the radiator on  all day long helps increase obesity. The warmth of our house does not allow us to burn any calories, something that would happen if the heating was off and our body had to burn calories to maintain its temperature.

The Scientists found that people living and working all day long in front of the computer, in an office, together with the fact that they do not exercise often contributes towards obesity, which is a common phenomenon in the first world countries. In order to preserve a healthy and stable diet we, in the first world, should preserve a temperature level that would preserve our current weight...this is important because the phenomenon of global warming is increasing the world temperature which means that we have to minimize the temperature within closed areas, whether it is at home or at work, to maintain the current balance.
Maybe by wearing more clothes, drinking more hot drinks and using the radiator less we will all be successful towards finding a solution to the modern problem of global warming.

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