Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Electric Vehicle

General Motors has presented, at the last CES Exhibition in Las Vegas, the new EN-V (Electric-Networked Vehicle), a two seater electric vehicle. It is small, economical and environmentally friendly. It also has many other new and unique technologies. It has the capability to turn 360 degrees around its self, it has sensors which are able to identify obstacles on the street and stops when it detects pedestrians in the middle of the road or if it determines that the vehicle will collide with an obstacle or another vehicle.

It is also equipped with a wireless connection which connects with other EN-Vs, giving the ability to other drivers to be informed of any traffic congestion, or whatever else happens on the road. It reaches 40 mph, which is not much but it is adequate for any city. It charges with a simple plug and it can last for 40 kilometres. 

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