Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sagrada Familia became a Church

Last summer I visited Barcelona, but before my visit I had never heard of  Sagrada Familia church or Gaudi, an excellent Catalan architect, who has built all of the 'wierd' but fantastic buildings in the Catalan capital. Seeing and visiting the Church of Sagrada Familia I was astonished at how different, unique and in a way scary this building was. Going in the interior I felt I was in a Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings movie...the columns are built like trees, the windows are magnificently unique, the roof is breathtaking, the height is overwhelming and the space within the church is massive. But the most 'scary' part of it is the exterior with the sky high towers and the mysterious sculptures of saints, angels and figures from the Bible, including Christ's life.

128 years after the foundation of this building it was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI and became a Basilica, meaning that now it is a Church where mass can take place. It is still being constructed but when it will, eventually, be finished it will be able to receive 10.000 people.   

The Pope greeted the "faith" of Antonio Gaudi, who combined the traditional architecture of the big Cathedrals with his special creativity. Although Gaudi died in 1926, knowing that he will never see this masterpiece finalised, the works follow his plans and orders.

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