Friday, February 25, 2011

A woman needs 1 million friends on facebook in order to get married.

Kelly Coxhead who is currently 32, got engaged 10 years ago and has tried since to get married to her fiancée, so she can book a date and let the family know.  However Paul Mappelthorpe, a mechanic who lives with Kelly in Swindon, outside London, has stated that he will only get married to Kelly if she can achieve to obtain 1 million friends on her facebook group page. This long process definitely gives Paul the title of the least romantic person in England.  

If anyone wants to help Kelly to get married soon, the group on facebook is called :" I NEED 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO JOIN FOR PAUL TO MARRY ME C'MON GUYS HELP ME lol". I am actually now questioning if Paul is suitable for Kelly, since this will be a long task to achieve. Is someone you love worth this kind of torture?