Saturday, March 5, 2011

£15.000 to watch a football match

A League One football club in England is offering their fans a chance to pay £15.000 for a season ticket, making them the most expensive in the UK. Peterborough United supporters who pay this enormous amount of money for a League One side will have the opportunity to sit in the director's box, have a three course meal before each match and obtain the title of Honorary Director. Even the club's director does not think that this idea will actually work. 

For most Peterborough United fans season tickets cost about £450 for two years. Arsenal which is a Premiership Club, comes second on priciest season tickets with £1.825, then Chelsea with £1.210 and Manchester United with £931. It is just mad how someone would pay so much money for season tickets for a League One Club. The funny thing is that Peterborough United is also currently offering a 75-year season ticket for a one-off payment of £12.000. That sounds more logical!

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