Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Britain was born by a tsunami

Britain was part of the European peninsula 8.000 years ago until a big tsunami hit and created the current islands.  The only question is if that first tsunami created the current shape. The coastline and landscape were created after the last ice age. The islands became more humid after the ice melted. The see between Britain and Ireland, the Northern Sea and the English Channel were all land but gradually sank.

It is believed that the tsunami occurred when there was a landslide in Norway, creating one of the largest tsunamis in world history. The water travelled through the low lands between Britain and France, hence the English channel. David Smith, a geologist, believes that the waves were 10 metres high. Residues from the pre-tsunami period were discovered beneath the sea near the Isle of Wight where boats and trees dating back to 8000 years ago were recently found. 

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