Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hitler depicted in a Church in France

In a church in Montgeron, South of Paris, a depiction of Hitler is clearly evident on a window. Specifically the depiction is supposed to reflect King Herod ready to kill Apostle Jack with a big sword.  This window was placed at that church in July 1941, after the invasion of France from the Nazi army, as a symbol of the French against the invaders. As Dominique Guerin, the priest at the specific church explains: "The figure has Hitler's hair but the moustache is hidden behind his arm, in order to not make the depicted figure obvious to the invaders". 

French Historian Renaud Arpin states: " A few people noticed that it was Hitler since it was placed there 70 years ago".  The window was created by the brothers Maumejean who had worked on many churches in France during that period. This depiction is seen as a national treasure, a symbol of the resistance, in a country which was considered by many as a 'chicken' since it had no resistance, not until the allies landed in Normandy. 

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