Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lost Metopes from the Parthenon were found

Lost metopes from the Parthenon were found on the wall of the Acropolis, the Holy Hill according to the ancient Greeks. They were found after a long process, by taking 2.250 pictures. It is evident that five metopes were erected from the site and are believed that they derive from the Southern side of the temple. 
They were used for the fortification of the Acropolis during the 18th century, when the walls were restored. It is clear that they are different from the rest of the wall since they are made from the same marble as the Parthenon, i.e. a well crafted marble from Penteli. 

Archaeologists believed until recently that the metopes from the Southern part of the Temple were destroyed during the explosion that took place on the Acropolis in 1687. What the five metopes depict will be revealed when they are taken of the wall. Let us only hope that the other Parthenon Marbles will, one day, be returned to Athens. We can only hope..! 

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