Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every summer, if not every then most, I spent at my fathers village which is called Ag. Triada near Nafplio, Southern Greece. One of the images I always have and a place I visit every time I am there is my grandfather's mini farm. Its totally different to the farms many are used to but this is a typical village style farm which will always stay in my memory! 

The posters are for decoration but also for the "mati" (the evil eye) as I was told by relatives. This cage has a story and reminds me of my naive childhood. One summer I told my grandfather to keep the male rabbit that he had in there and that it would be mine. The next summer I found that my rabbit had become a lovely stifado and was replaced by the next male rabbit successor. Every time I see this cage I remember this small story!

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  1. Η ταμπέλα ΣΕΡΝΗΚΑ είναι "όλα τα λεφτά"!