Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mykonean Feta from Buenos Aires

Many refer to modern globalization and many of the products we eat or wear come from all around the world. This is no different. A company named Armar in Buenos Aires which produces white cheese, manufactures two products called "Feta Mykonos" and "Feta Juan Grande" which are sold to various shops in the city. Argentina does not import feta cheese from Greece, according to some statistics from the Greek Embassy in Buenos Aires, although feta is found regularly in many supermarkets in Argentina. 

It is known that feta cheese is also produced in Bulgaria, Turkey, India, USA, Hong Kong and Denmark. This is a major problem for the Greek Feta, which after decisions taken at the European Court no one else, except for the Greek Feta from central Greece can use the name Feta. This is a serious and global problem for Feta from Greece, especially since the other white cheese manufactured in other countries are cheaper. That is why for example most if not all the Greek and non-Greek restaurants in the UK use Turkish and Danish Feta. Unfortunately for them it is easily identified as non-Greek since the taste is totally different. 
All of these statistics are verified when we are reminded that the turnover of consumption of Feta cheese within the EU is estimated at 1 billion euros annually, while Greek exports of Feta are approximately 130 million euros.  

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