Friday, March 18, 2011

Robocop statue

Campaigners in Detroit have raised more than $50.000 to build a statue of Robocop. This idea was sparked on twitter and was directed at Detroit mayor Dave Bing explaining how "Philadelphia has a statue of Rocky, Robocop would kick Rocky's butt. He's a great ambassador for Detroit". However the mayor replied that the city did not have any plans of erecting such a statue.

But this suggestion sparked an internet campaign. Imagination Station, a local non-profit group, set a Robocop fund. They managed to collect more than $25.000 in donations. Also a private source matched that sum, giving us a total of $50.000 for the Robocop statue. Who ever has seen the movies  filmed in the 1980s can understand why Detroit is the perfect place for a statue of Robocop, since they were set in a futuristic Detroit in which crime was rampant. Its not a first time a city or its people wish to build a statue of a fictional movie hero. The best example is Rocky, who is located outside a Philadelphia museum. 

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