Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fasting is good for your health

Fasting has the capability of reducing the possibility of suffering from coronary heart disease. Science is now verifying what many religions have already said since antiquity, that fasting (periodically) is good not only for the spirit but also for the body. (By fasting here I mean the absence of meat and dairy products, although it can be interpreted in different ways.) 

I remember my Biologist teacher, Mrs. Mpali, who stated that fasting two times a week is good for our diet and our bodies. This has been verified now by Science but has been a millennium old practice of Christianity, which has a spiritual but also a historical symbolism and origin, i.e. Wednesdays because that is the day Jesus Christ was caught by the soldiers and Friday due to the fact that it was the day he died on the Cross. 
Although here I refer to a weekly fasting tradition of Christianity, fasting is a tradition and a custom practised by all religions, in order to challenge and teach the faithful. Fasting is another factor which unites religion and science and emphasises how customs practised by religion are verified by the scientific community. 

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