Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How people in 1900 imagined the year 2000

Time travel has always fascinated, not only me, but millions of people of all epochs. It is always, I think, interesting to see how people from other eras imagined and depicted the future. 

The past is evident through archaeology, monuments, books, stories and more. But the future is unknown, magical, full of hope (in most cases) and prosperity. Here I show some pictures which emphasise how people in 1900 imagined life in 2000. 

They have imagined some extraordinary things, which have happened but also some that have yet not come to existence. This is the chronic mistake people have always made, as is evident in many films, where we believe that for example in 20 years we will be flying around instead of driving to our destination. 

This is what people in the 80s or 90s believed would happen in the present era. Taking this in mind we could forgive them for their mistakes and congratulate them for their imagination.

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