Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just before Easter...

Every Easter we find out about a knew discovery concerning the life of Jesus Christ. Many believe that through these new discoveries Christianity could and should change or cease to exist. These past few years various individuals have discovered Judas' Bible, which was clearly a gnostic book, Jesus' Coffin, found by Steven Spielberg, which had written on it the name Jesus believing that it was Christ's without taking in to account that it is a very common name, especially 2000 years ago, and now Jacobovici has found the nails used by the Romans soldiers to crucify Jesus in Caiaphas' Tomb but without any proof. 

It is interesting to ask why all these discoveries are published and actually found during the period just before Easter. Many of these findings have brought unrest to the Christian world. But they have not interfered with the existence, life and practice of the Church. Christianity promotes knowledge and these are seen as promoting but also interfering with the peaceful existence of the Church's life. Christianity has not seen these as facts that could destroy its exist....far from it. But a serious issue to reflect on is why are these negative, in most cases, facts and discoveries promoted during the biggest feast within the Christian Calender and by whom? Is it the secular, modern world that is combating religion or is it a case of religious groups going against other religious groups? 

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