Thursday, April 14, 2011

The obese nation

Nauru is the worlds smallest island nation which is located in the South part of the Pacific Ocean. The islands is 21 and has a population of about 10000.
 It has a negative record, of being the most obese nation in the world. 97% of men and 93% of women are considered overweight and obese. This of course has disadvantageous results for their health, whilst diabetes, cancer and heart problems are common.  

The population of the Republic of Nauru is addicted to fast food in such an extent that fresh fruit and vegetables are not found on the island. This is an immediate result of the modern western way of life, which the people in the small island wish to follow. Be that as it may this was not the case during previous decades. This is evident through countless pictures from the past that show how people were fit and athletic.  
Nonetheless they are currently fans of weightlifting in such an extent that the World Championship took place there. 

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