Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chinnesse eat babies

It is a fact that Chinnesse cuisine includes every living thing that exists on the planet, including scorpions, snakes and other which are 'alien' to us in the West. That was the reason why during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games many athletes and reporters from around the globe had a major problem with Chinnesse food. However they do not stop there. Chinnesse cuisine is also cannibalistic. 

The babies are always female due to the fact that people in China prefer to give birth to boys and not girls. The babies used for various food, mainly soups, come from abortions, principally they are 5-6 months old and in many cases are aborted when the child's sex is revealed. 
The babies are sold in specific restaurants and are very expensive to purchase. Chinnesse believe that these soups have an aphrodiciac affect. 
Although we, in the modern world, are open minded, I cannot accept this as a dish or that man eats man. It is one of the unatural things one sees in other countries and traditions. This 'dish' produces many ethical, sociological, religious and political problems, involving human rights violations. Maybe this practice needs to be stopped by international organisations in order to stop these killings.

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