Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A man marries a portrait

Tomasz Urynowicz from Poland is in love with a woman depicted in a portait from 1955. Due to the fact that he could not find the woman he decided to marry the portrait. The woman is young, brunnet and  is shown carrying a basket with clothes. Tomasz first saw this painting in 2001 in a gallery. Without any delay he bought it and tried, for ten years, to find the depicted woman. Seeing that his search was fruitless he then tried to find the painter, Antoni Maria Kwiek. Tomasz claimed that he was just trying to find her in order to speak to her and find out more about her life. 

However he will find it difficult to find a priest to marry him with the portrait. Although this is not a unique paradigm of crazy weddings it is still wierd to even consider it. Other unusual examples are, for instance, an Australian who in 2010 wanted to marry his dog or a woman in Taiwan who wanted to marry herself.


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