Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alexander the Great's final wishes

A story, which many believe is a mythical one but still obtains its importance, refers to Alexander the Great's last moments. Just before he died, the Macedonian King called all his generals and he informed them of his final 3 wishes. 
1. His coffin is to be held by the best doctors of his time. 
2. The treasures he had won (including silver, gold, valuable stones) should be scattered on the way to his tomb. 
3. His hands should be left to wiggle in the air, outside the coffin, for everyone to see. 

One of the generals surprised by the king's obscure requests asked the reason why he asked for these 3 final wishes. 
Alexander then replied:
1. I want the best doctors to carry me, in order to emphasise how they do not even have the power to cure, when it comes down to death. 
2. I want the treasures to be scattered on the way so everyone can see that the treasures won here remain here. 
3. I wish my hands to wiggle in the air, so people can see that we come and go from this life with our hands empty, when the most valuable thing we have ends, i.e. time. 

This is a very important teaching given to us by Alexander. Time is one of the most important gifts we could have, since it is limited. We can gain money, power but not more time. That is why it is important to have, as my father tells me all the time, TIME MANAGEMENT. When we give someone our time, we inevitably give them part of our life. 


  1. Excellent post!!!

    And yes, Time Management is of paramount importance!!!

  2. Alexander was right! Time passes quickly and we should try making the most out of it. Live life to the full. Make friends and spend time with them. Meet up with family members, especially older ones who might have a little time left and they appreciate the time you spend with them.