Saturday, July 16, 2011

Euro Crisis Song

Looking at the Guardian site I came across this interesting video entitled "The Euro Crisis Song". On the site they try to explain how we have reached the current economic situation, whilst the Euro is continuing its decline, spreading to more and more countries within the Union, having unimaginable and dramatic consequences. The Guardian explains that through this video it tries to decipher the whole crisis. This was created by the Guardian and Studio 20 NYU. Through its site it also advertises that anyone can have a go. 

Musically I have to say that it is interesting and quite nice. However this video is forgetting the difficulties produced by the current economic situation within Europe. Explaining only parts of the problem, I don't expect a song to illustrate in less than 4 minutes the whole problem, but this is in a way mocking and downgrading the seriousness of the events taking place not only in Greece but also in Ireland and Portugal, with many countries probably following. It is a shame that a newspaper like the Guardian has produced a video like this. 

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