Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great Jobs

Here I will show some examples of people with great jobs, probably a few of the best jobs in the world. However this is a subjective matter, since everyone has different interests. Nevertheless these few paradigms are, I believe, objectively (up to a point) good jobs. 

Ben Southall managed to stand out among 35.000 people around the world for one of the finest works in the world. This job involved him swimming, exploring and relaxing on the island Hamilton, whilst simultaneously having to write on the island's blog. However this could seem ideal, he will eventually receive $111.000 for the six months working on the island.

The perfect job for a 6 year old. Little Sam Pointon wanted to become the director of the National Railway Museum in New York, after the resignation of the previous director. He even sent the museum a letter, which was entitled "Application for Director", requesting an appointment for an interview. The staff were very enthusiastic with this application and took little Sam on board, making him Director of Entertainment. His work description is to advise the "adults" how he believes the museum can become the most amusing one for young kids.    

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