Sunday, July 31, 2011

A house worth 507 euros!

Indian company Tata Group, which became known as the maker of the cheapest cars in the world, now has manufactured the cheapest house for only 507 euros. This house can be completed within a week. The basic package given with this price includes a 20 square meters house , with walls (exterior and interior) from coir and jute, while its life expectancy is estimated to be approximately 20 years. The company, however, plans to offer prefabricated houses that contain windows, roofs, doors and many more.

Although this has a limited life expectancy, it can be a solution for thousands of poor and homeless people which could even be paid by the state. In subsequent drafts of the Tata Group, most advanced projects are being constructed, equipped with solar panels and porches, addressed to a wider audience.  

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