Monday, July 11, 2011

The most famous toys ever!

Everyone has played with toys, at least during the 20th century where mass production of toys was a worldwide phenomenon. They have become a part of our lives. Children enjoy them immensely, although even when they grow up they remember the years where all they did was play. They are, inevitably, imprinted within our minds and thoughts, taking us back to a happy and relaxed time of our life. 
All of the toys are timeless. Many from different generations have played with them. Some of the most famous toys in the world are:
The Yo-yo, one of the oldest toy and gadget. it was even used in the 5th century B.C. However in the 1920's it received its current form. The first yo-yo factory was founded in the U.S. in 1928 and began selling 300.000 yo-yos daily. 

Viewmaster, everyone has looked through the viewmaster in order to see Disney cartoon characters or historical monuments. 

Slinger, the colourful spiral which excites children and adults, although I think there is a limit to the time you can play with it. Yet again it is an exciting thing to have around the house.

Barbie, the ultimate toy for girls. The Barbie empire exists since 1959. Ken was later introduced showing girls, from a young age, about relationships.

Hula Hoop, is probably the most pro-fitness toy, invented in the 1950's. It isn't only used by children; adults use them in gyms and at home for exercise. The first months of its launch 25 million hula hoops were sold. 

Lego, everyone has played with them, building houses, cars, trains, walls. Lego has even got a Legoland, near London.  

Rubik cube, a colourful riddle is widely known. It was invented by a Hungarian inventor during the 1970's. It is a difficult toy to solve. Last year a second version of the Rubik was sold in all major toy stores.

My Little Pony, "The Toy" of the 1980's, being not only a toy but also a T.V. series. This was a girl's toy, with its wonderful and various colours, with cute names, hearts and glitter. 

Buzz Lightyear, this toy actually received its name from a real astronaut, who was awarded by NASA, being a member of the Discovery project in Space. Buzz is one of the most famous toy due to the 3 Toy Story films. 

Transformers, alien machines which can transform into various vehicles, planes and weapons. Although they were introduced years ago, the idea excites every boy who acquires one, even to this day.

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