Friday, July 1, 2011

Store to get rid of your nerves

Recently a store opened, within a shopping centre in the city of Shenyang (China), where customers can enter and brake whatever they want and anything they can find within the shop in order to get rid of their nerves. However this store allows only women to enter. That is why the shop is decorated as a house and the items are placed in such a way to reflect this atmosphere. Thus they walk into the living room and brake the television, in the kitchen to smash the plates (opa)...

The items are actual items, not fake in any way, which are bought cheaply. However if the customers spend more than 38 yuan in the shopping centre they get a free go in smashing what they want. This might be relaxing for some people and could truly get rid of nerves, but I cannot help think that in a way it promotes violence, as being one option of solving any problem. 

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