Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bobby's Bus Shelter

Bobby's Bus Shelter at Unst, one of the northernmost isle of Shetland Islands in Scotland, could be the only bus stop in the world that is visited by bus loads of tourists every day during the summer. This of course is due to the inventive decoration, some homemade fudge, a pair of resident beer-quaffing hamsters and an intriguing story. 

On a very cold winter morning in Unst, a six year old child was waiting for the school bus in the old bus shelter. Having enough of the cold weather, he wrote a letter to the local newspaper. The council felt sorry for little Bobby and installed a brand new one. Quickly after that things started to appear, first some wicker chairs, then a microwave, then a carpet, telephone and curtains, however no one knows where they came from. 
The interior is now altered on a regular basis, thanks to the "Bobby's Bus Shelter Executive Board". It has had various themes, including an underwater theme, a yellow, a space and an African theme. When Bobby eventually grew he moved to Swaziland, in Africa. 

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