Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London is burning

London is currently burning; violence has broken out in many parts of London including Tottenham, Hackney, Peckham,Croydon, Ealing, Chalk Farm, Camden and it is quickly expanding in other areas. Shops are looted and police are attacked in a third day of civil disorder. London is not the only city experience this unrest, Birmingham being the second city to follow. Although these events commenced with the fatal shooting of a father of four (Mr. Duggan) on Thursday, it does not explain or justify the looting and destructions caused by countless people all around the capital. 
Now people are claiming that they are pushed to act in this way due to the fact that the future is not bright for them, i.e. it is very difficult or impossible to acquire a descent job. How is this related to the fatal death of Mr. Duggan, who now is believed that he did not actually shoot the police. It is merely a chance for some 'stupid' people to steal what they can, looting Debenhams, JJB, Supermarkets, destroying banks, pubs, shops and restaurants. 
However it is sad to see houses burn, people are forced out of their houses due to the uncontrollable fires. These people are made homeless, God knows when they will be able to get back on their feet, both physically and financially. 

The PM, David Cameron, will have to take all of these facts into account and probably help these people. Ironically an interesting factor has occurred by all of these events, the incapability of the London Police to minimise damages and control the chaos existing. 
No one can say that they are anarchists, instead I strongly believe that it is just people feeling that it is 'shopping time', destroying whatever they can. Nevertheless who will pay for all of these destructions? The tax payer. Who is paying for the people looting and destroying the properties all over London? Again the tax payer. It might be a wrong judgement, however I am pretty sure that the people destroying London are not the ones with jobs; on the other hand a great number of people will loose their jobs, since the actual shops and restaurants do not exist any more.
Whatever happens from now on the police should take matters more serious. London will host the Olympics next year, and the anarchic atmosphere emphasised here is not an icon anyone in Britain wishes to prevail. Although Britain has 20% of the world cameras, showing how the 'Big Brother' idea truly exists in the U.K., the police and the government seem powerless when it comes down to a couple of looters. 
Are these events to be compared to the 80s? Is racism such a great issue today? Who is more racist in London? Is a multicultural society working in Britain? Is the welfare system producing positive results or merely maintaining an ill part of society? Maybe these questions should be answered in order understand what is happening now and what could take place in the future.!

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