Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rubbish in Mozambique

Growing up in a European capital where rubbish is put in the dustbin and from there the rubbish dumps, which I do not know and in a way I don't want to know where they are. People in the cities choose to distance themselves from these facts and get quite annoyed when the trash is not collected on time. 

However we forget various other places around the world which receive our rubbish. It is a fact that trash is moved around, massive quantities are thrown in the oceans and the third world. These of course produce many illnesses and infections to the people close to this 'mountains of rubbish'. 

Are the pictures here the answer to the problem in the 21st century? We have been hearing that a futuristic solution would be to send our rubbish into space. Maybe recycling should be taken more seriously. These images are appalling, showing how colonial attitudes from the Western powers towards the South, mainly Africa, continue even in the post-colonial era.  


  1. It is disgusting to see these pictures and even more disgusting to see young children around these dumps..the rest of the world should consider the health of mankind before making such actions because at the end of the day whatever goes around comes around..

  2. Προκαλούν βαθύτατη θλίψη οι φωτογραφίες.