Wednesday, September 7, 2011

960 times to get the driving licence

Cha Sa a 69 year old woman from South Korea took the driving exam 960 times! For three years, from April 2005, she took the exam five times a week. After a while she took the exam twice a week. "When she finally got the driving licence everyone started cheering and embraced her, giving her flowers", said Park Su-Yoni, a driving instructor at the school she attended. "It was like taking off our backs a heavy weight. We could not find the courage to tell her to resign...".

When she finally achieved passing the driving test, Hyundai-Kia Automotive, the largest company in South Korea, launched a campaign via the internet requesting people to send her congratulations. Cha received thousands of messages and eventually Hyundai donated a car worth $16.800. Cha, who's name means "vehicle" in Korean, is being advertise by Hyundai. Cha faced the difficulty of answering the 40 multiple questions in the theory exam. She did not understand the terminology. She failed the theory exam 949 times and passed the 950th one. She eventually passed the practical test twice, after failing it four times. Every time she took the exam she payed $5. 

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