Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confession App

An application for the iPhone that guides the faithful in the sacrament of confession was released with the blessings of the Catholic Church in the USA. This app does not distribute digital indulgences, but offers an individual examination of conscience of every user. It includes lists of sins and improprieties in order for the user to have a clear conscience. This application encourages the faithful to admit their mistakes, as defined by their religion, and eventually record them. It also urges them to examine their conscience, based on personal factors such as age, sex and marital status. 

The small company Little iApps that developed the plan states that it worked with Catholic priests and ultimately secured the blessing of Bishop Kevin Rhoades, head of the Diocese of Fort Wayne in Indiana. This is clearly an answer to what the Pope stated in his speech on January 24th, which acknowledged that the Catholic Church can not be absent from the digital world. This is a very interesting way of bringing people to confession. All of this can be achieved with a small price of $1.99. 

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