Saturday, September 3, 2011

Space Hotel

A Russian company, Orbital Technologies, plans to build the world's first space hotel as a commercial alternative to the International Space Station by the year 2016. The hotel will be named Commercial Space Station and will orbit at a height of some 350 kilometres above Earth. It will have room for seven guests in four cabins with incredible views. 

Passengers will be taken aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. While floating above our planet, guests will be able to watch TV and surf the internet. In the gravity free space cabins guests will have the option to sleep either vertically or horizontally. Washing will be done with wet wipes. Toilets will use flowing air to move waste through the system and waste water will be recycled and filtered along with the air.Food prepared on Earth will be freeze dried before being carried to the hotel and alcohol will be strictly prohibited. 
A five day package, not including the two day trip in both directions aboard a Soyuz rocket, will cost close to a million dollars. The Russian company Orbital Technologies is stating that the design and development of the space station is underway and it is expected to launch in 2016.  

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