Friday, October 28, 2011


Living in Athens for four years I got to see most of the Greek capital, with its ups and downs, as any city in the world. Many things aren't up to scratch, that is why a group of Athenians called "Atenistas" formed an open community of citizens of Athens who love their city and believe that a compromise with the various problematic aspects found around the city is unacceptable. It should, in a way, return to its previous glory and beauty by realising its enormous potential as a metropolitan centre of the Eastern Mediterranean.
Via this group the importance of civil society is emphasised, where thousands of Athenians wish to do something for their city. It is a vibrant community that wants to share its faith in a much better Athens, believing in rejuvenating power of action.   

It is time to act, not time to expect the government or the municipality to solve 'small' problems and issues around the Greek capital, such as dodgy plants, they clean signs and areas and restore pavements,especially in this bad economic climate. People of all ages and backgrounds get involved, bringing colour, order, nature and beauty to the concrete city which Athens has become to be. They are also involved in philanthropic work, collecting clothes, beds, various objects and promote recycling.  

However this movement is not only found within Athena's city..similar movements are found all around Greece, named accordingly after the city of origin, for example Thessaloniki-Thessalonistas. The Greek cities which host these groups of people are: Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patra, Ioannina, Irakleio, Kavala, Serres, Corfu, Komotini, Mitilini, Chania, Chios, Ptolemaeda, Lasithi Mountains, Zante, Sivota, Mallia, Naxos and the small Cyclades islands. For more information (in Greek) you can visit their site here.

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