Monday, October 10, 2011

The Jewish Museum of Greece

The idea of building a Jewish Museum in Athens, Greece, was first conceived in the 1970's by members of the Jewish Community of the Greek Capital. The Museum was first established in 1977 and housed in a small room next to the city's synagogue. It housed objects collected and salvaged from the Second World War, including documents, manuscripts, artefacts from the two last centuries. Also jewellery of Jews living in Thrace (North-Eastern part of the country), which were stolen by the Bulgarians who invaded that part of the country during W.W. II. 

The artefacts exhibited within the museum were carefully collected from all the communities of Greece, under the inspired guidance of Nikos Stavroulakis, director of the Museum until 1993. The collection expanded to its current size due to the interest of several individuals. 

The Museum soon began to attract the attention of many visitors, researchers and donors. In 1981, the Association of American Friends was founded, followed, a little later, by the Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece, with members of the Jewish Communities of Athens and Thessaloniki. 

After moving around due to its expansion it was moved to its current location, 39 Nikis Street, in the centre of Athens, really close to the Russian Orthodox Church. The Museum expanded its activities, involving both the research and study of Greek Jews, in collaboration with other foundations and researchers from Greece and abroad, whilst also being in charge of publishing. 

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