Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Byzantine Museum in Argos

In a year and a half from now a new Byzantine Museum will exist in the city of Argos, Southern Greece, specifically in the Barracks of Kapodistrias, built by the Venetians in 1690. The Barracks were originally used as a hospital. The objects displayed at the forthcoming Byzantine Museum will have come from excavations conducted in and around the city of Argos, which is considered being the most ancient city in Europe. A key artefact within the museum will be characteristics of early Christian mosaics of the city and unique findings from the Cave of Andritsa. 

The new museum's objectives are to introduce to the visitor the, unknown, medieval history of the city of Argos. This is seen as another factor for increasing the city's tourism. It is expected to cost 1 million euros. Through the representation of a Byzantine church and Byzantine house, the visitor will be able to enjoy an experiential approach to medieval life. Contemporary narrative means will contribute to the representation of the occupations, professions and the aesthetic preferences of the society of medieval Argolida. 

The exhibition will conclude with the presentation of the contribution of the Venetians, Franks, Ottomans and the groups which formed the indigenous population of the region in the diversity of the medieval culture. Part of the south wing has been given to the Ministry of Culture from the municipality of Argos in order to organize periodical exhibitions, whilst the courtyard will facilitate for numerous cultural events.  

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