Friday, October 14, 2011

One Pint of beer a day keeps the doctor away!!

A Spanish medical research recently concluded that a pint of beer a day is good for ones health. Rosa Lamuela and Ramon  Estruch from the University of Barcelona, after an extensive research, concluded that a pint of beer on a daily basis has only positive benefits to the human body, since it contains folic acid, vitamins, iron and potassium. 
The two researchers examined 1.249 men and women over 57, subjecting them to a Mediterranean type diet, together with rich doses of beer. The results showed that the beer had beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Some even lost weight while drinking beer. 

Beer also helps in strengthening bones, according to the findings of another investigation. Specifically, researchers at the Department of Science and Food Technology, University of California, found that beer is a rich source of silicon and presumably helps prevent osteoporosis, whilst silicon is the basic ingredient for increasing bone density. 
So next time you want to go to the pub for a pint...remember that your are assisting your body in becoming healthier.   

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