Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lights or Winter Lights?

As every year, London is celebrating Christmas with countless Christmas lights. They of course can be found in Oxford Street and in other shopping areas of the British capital. However are we permitted to call them Christmas lights or the modern, secular and neutral title, i.e. Winter Lights. 

This has been a debated issue for years now, whether we should rename Christmas lights, Christmas parties and Christmas celebrations to Winter lights, Winter parties and Winter celebrations. This change, unfortunately, has prevailed in the U.K. (which officially is a Christian country) in order to not offend religious minorities. However at the same time the majority is expected to accept all of the celebrations of other religions, without of course changing their names and terminology. Then why should this be the case with Christmas, one of the biggest Christian celebrations? 

It is a fact that non-Christians also celebrate Christmas, for social reasons, and consumerism has overtaken the spiritual factor of this celebration, nevertheless this does not explain or verify why British society should stop naming them Christmas lights by keeping the awful and wrong term "Winter lights". British society should retain its culture and beliefs, without changing in order for minorities to not feel offended. But why should they feel offended? Maybe Christians should change their name too? A question for the future is how far will these changes go in order to not offend minorities. It seems that Britain will change in order to tolerate everyone else, except itself.  

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