Thursday, December 29, 2011

The most expensive tea

An Yanshi has recently launched an ambitious business plan, after attending a seminar where he learned that animals absorb only 30% of the foods they eat, while the remaining 70% is excreted in the feces. The Chinese calligraphy teacher is now interested in pandas, who eat bamboo leaves, a plant which contains many anticancer agents. 

Mr. Yanshi, therefore decided to use the feces from the panda as the sole natural fertilizer in the plantations of green tea, enhancing the beneficial effects of the tea for the human health, by providing anti-cancer properties to the final product. 

He still does not know what taste this new tea will have, however he is certain that it will be expensive. It is believed that this new tea will cost nearly $35.000 for merely 500 grams of tea. At this point we can only hope that it does have a good taste and smell. (This also reminds me of a previous post, in regards to the most expensive coffee.)

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