Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Athens Square, New York

Athens Square is located in Astoria, which is considered New York's Greek American neighbourhood. This park was restored in 1990 as a centre for neighbourhood gatherings, creating a small Athens in Astoria. It comprises of a mini amphitheatre and statues of Greek philosophers Socrates and Aristotle and the Greek goddess Athena. 

The statue of Athena was a gift from the people of Athens to the people of New York given by Mayor Dimitris Avramopoulos to Mayor Rudolf Giuliani in 1998. 

The statue of Aristotle was a gift from the people of Chalkidiki to the people of New York, presented in 2008. 

It is a place were various Greek festivities are held, reminding the Greek American population of Astoria of their roots. 

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