Thursday, January 26, 2012

A blind dog with a guide dog

A dog in England, which has lost her vision, has a guide dog taking care of her; however they are currently looking for a home, since their previous owners can no longer take care of them. The staff from the centre in Shropshire which takes care of dogs is currently looking for someone who will take care of blind Lily and her best friend Madison.

The pair has been inseparable for 5 years from the time when veterinarians had to remove both eyes of beautiful Lily. She lost her eyesight when she was 18 months, after suffering from a rare disease, in which the eyelids grew inwards. Nevertheless when both dogs take  a walk they walk close to each other, touching each other in order to follow the same route. It is undoubtedly a lovely spectacle, emphasising the importance of friendship. 

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