Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is a leading Welsh heritage attraction, located in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. During its 2000 years of history, the castle has been a Roman Garrison, a Norman stronghold and during the Victorian times it was transformed into a Gothic fairytale fantasy. 

The castle is located in the centre of the Welsh capital, an odd place to have a castle. The visitor should take the guided tours, which facilitate in understanding the magnificent apartments, their diversity and their uniqueness.

The interior is imaginative and magnificent, having a blend of the exotic, the historic and the mystical. The Arab Room and the trhee fantastic rooms of the Clock Tower celebrate such themes as astrology, astronomy and Greek mythology in a blaze of decorated tiles, gilding, marquetry and painting.  

They were created in the 19th century by eccentric architect William Burges for the very rich Third Marquess of Bute. 

Designed as a medieval fairytale home, the rooms are filled with ornate fireplaces, gilded ceilings, intricate stained glass and carved and painted animals throughout. 

In 1947 the 5th Marquess of Bute gave the Castle to the City of Cardiff and the local council has managed the site on behalf of the people ever since. Even when the Castle was a private home, it was occasionally open to the public,  nevertheless it was not until the 1950s that tourism was actively encouraged. Currently the Banqueting Hall is a popular venue for weddings, dinners and other private function.

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