Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Husband cuts of his wife's fingers because she went to university

A jealous husband might be imprisoned for life because he cut off his wife's fingers, who went to university without his permission. 30 year old Rafiqul Islam blindfolded his wife ( Hawa Akhter) and tapped her mouth, telling her that he had a surprise for her.

Conversely, however, he held her hand, cut her five fingers of her right hand, while a relative tossed them in the trash so the doctors later would not be able to put them back. Rafiqul Islam is an immigrant worker in UAE, whilst his wife lives in Bangladesh. After visiting her he warned her of the negative consequences she would have if  she did not stop studying. She of course refused, hence he took matters into his own hands. Nevertheless this is another negative paradigm of sexism in our modern world. 

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