Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weird facts from the past

Each epoch has its weird facts and daily routines which characterise it, making it distinct from the next or the previous one. Here are numerous facts from the past:
-3000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, if you were 30 you were old. Most people died young (in regards to our era).
-In ancient China, doctors were paid only when they cured the sick. If the patient got worse then they had to pay him. (interesting paradigm)
-In ancient Rome, if a slave escaped he was considered a criminal, on the charges of stealing himself, since he belonged to his master.
-In the 19th century if you attempted to commit suicide and failed, you were condemned to death. 
-The handshake came into being in the medieval era, in order to show each other that they were not carrying a gun. 
-The shortest war in history was between England and Zanzibar, in 1896. It lasted for 38 minutes. 
- It is estimated that during the last 3500 years there were only 230 years of peace in the "civilised" world. 
-At the time of Peter the Great, anyone wishing to grow a beard, had to pay a special tax. 

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