Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What it means to be poor

A middle class father, wanting to teach his son what poverty is, took him to a village, specifically to a family that lived on a mountain. They spent three days and two nights in their house. Whilst returning home the below conversation took place:
"What did you think of this experience?"
"It was good", replied the son with his eyes staring into the void. 
"And what did you learn?", insisted the father.

The son then replied:
"We have a dog, while they have four, we have a pool that reaches the middle of the garden, while they have a river until the eye can see, with crystal clear water and natural beauty. Our garden is fenced, while at the same time they have a massive one. We buy our food, while they grow it. We listen to CDs, whilst they enjoy a symphony of birds, frogs and other animals and this is complimented by the neighbour's singing. We cook with an electric cooker and they produce great food by cooking with wood. In order to protect our selves we live in four walls with an alarm, while they leave their doors open, protected by their friendship with the neighbours. Our lives are surrounded by cables, phones, internet, however they are connected to life, the sky, the sun, water, greenery, mountains, animals, fruits of the land, family...
The father was stunned by the boy's reply. The son then concluded by saying:
"Thank you father for showing me how poor we are". 

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